Principal Investigator

Dr. Mahla Poudineh

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Core Member, Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology


QNC building 3622

office: 519.888.4567 x33319

Karan Dhingra


Karan is a Research Associate at the University of Waterloo working in the IDEATION Lab. He has completed his Master's from the University of Ottawa in the field of Biomedical Engineering and is experienced in microfluidic design, fabrication and application into point-of-care diagnostics. Karan previously worked in the Shafiee Lab at Harvard Medical School under the department of infectious diseases to build a microfluidic platform to detect anti-cancer drug efficacy in 3D cancer models. He also has also worked on detection of DNA in exosomes using optical and biochemistry approach at the University of Queensland in Australia. He has great interest in biochemical sensors and lab-on-a-chip devices. In IDEATION lab, Karan focuses on developing a conductive hydrogel for biosensing applications.

Research Associate

PhD Students

Master Students

Undergraduate Students

Nube Torres


Nube is a first-year Nanotechnology Engineering student at the University of Waterloo who comes from Ecuador, South America. Her experience includes qualitative research projects in Brain-computer interfaces and nanomaterials for ALS patients, and Genetic mutations in humans, causes, types and consequences. She collaborated in the design and app development of a platform that aims to improve social skills at Socialab Inc. She has a strong interest and passion for learning about biomedical devices with a special focus on microfluidic systems for therapeutics and diagnostics purposes.


Lisa Krygsman




QNC Building, University of Waterloo