June 2020

IDEATION lab contributes to fighting against COVID-19! In collaboration with Mediphage Bioceuticals, we received an NSERC Alliance grant to develop a platform for purification of VLPs for downstream vaccine production. Thanks, NSERC! 



April 2020

IDEATION lab received an NSERC Discovery grant to develop next-generation enabling technologies towards precision and personalized medicine. Thanks, NSERC! 



March 2020


IDEATION lab received a CFI-JELF grant to purchase equipment and infrastructure. Thanks, CFI!  



February 2020

Mahla will give a seminar on Feb 6th, as a part of WIN seminar series, to introduce herself and her research to the community. 

January 2020

Mahla and her co-authors at Stanford submitted their paper on "Continuous Glucose and Insulin Detection in Live Animals."

IDEATION Lab Starts at the University of Waterloo.


QNC Building, University of Waterloo